This is not about money.  Jesus wants your attention. 
A Personal Note from the builder of this OutReach:

Churches all over are blogging about a decline in attendance.
According to Gallup, ALL Christian churches are declining.

Somebody ought to do something about it!
I'm somebody, and you're somebody.

Many years ago, I began a project destined to change the face of
Neighborhood Outreach and of the Church in our Neighborhoods.
A year or so ago I put a six figure Patent Consulting income on
hold to go full time into this project... and now it's ready for you.

You might ask:

* “What's the catch?... what's the cost?”
   Be prepared to buy a few spindles of blank DVDR, and also to
   print up a lot more church bulletins for all the new faces.  And
   be prepared to spend a few Saturdays blessing your neighbors.

* “What's in it for you?”
   The Bible says to pay the preacher, but this outreach is free.
   The Bible gift is exactly that... a free gift. Yet, those who wish
   can license some optional karaoke worship music offerings,
   which are also made available for any who choose to get them.

* “Why don't you advertise it like normal products?”
   With what money? I'm not charging you for this outreach.
   We are all called to fulfill the great Commission. I got serious
   about it.  It's free, so would you pray about getting involved?

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