Just to clarify, about the outreach, and about the optional worship offerings:

This outreach is free. It involves giving away free copies of the MultiMedia New Testament.
The Free MultiMedia New Testament never times out. It is always exactly that: free.

Then how does this ox (me) get unmuzzled?   It is not by "selling tapes"... not physically, anyway.

The same software (HGO) that powers the Free MultiMedia New Testament also has a dual capability.
It is able to power an optional (rather than free) karaoke playback of worship music, if one wishes.

While the Bible stuff is always free and never times out, that extra stuff is just for those who wish to
get more than the Word of God that was given for free: to also enjoy optional worship music albums.

I don't have permission (nor would it be right) to give away the worship albums created by other artists.
They entrusted the fruits of their hard work to me, so I have built a way for me to not let them down.
That new mechanism I created for them is called "Shareware Music".

When a worship album installs into HGO (or is already installed for a "try-out"), the end user can enjoy
that worship album for two weeks, before it quits playing. After that, they can pay a typical download
album price to the worship artist (via a mechanism I created) to "turn the worship album back on". This
allows people who like to do personal and home devotions to see whether or not a particular worship
album is their own "cup of tea", before investing money in it.

Some worship resources (like the very extensive library of HGO compatible worship downloads from
the Vineyard) are not offered as shareware (because the Vineyard has standing licensing agreements
with their artists for songs already recorded by them), but are instead offered on the Vineyard site as
MP3 download albums. If you get the ones listed on the http://WorshipIsFun.org site, you are sure to
get ones that are able to be imported into HGO and enjoyed as karaoke worship experiences.

To continue to enjoy the sound of such a worship album, one need not pay anyone but the worship artist.
But in order to continuously enjoy the visual karaoke lyrics display during the audio playback, one would
also register my software. Even an expired demo of HGO still plays the sound of albums, but one needs
to register HGO in order to keep the karaoke visual display working after the demo time out period. So
the "record-player" part of HGO is always free, but the "overhead-projector" part of HGO is what needs
to be bought, in order to enjoy the visual aspect of karoke worship experiences. And as an extra added
bonus, when anyone registers HGO (the cheapest license level is about the price of a worship album),
they get my own worship album unlocked for free.

Consequently, when anyone playing the outreach reality game ascends to the level where they unlock the
free prize called the "Home Group Kit", they still need not pay me a penny in order to enjoy the sheet
music to the worship song for their choir, and to enjoy the sound of all the sermon series. But to see the
visuals like karaoke closed captions, the capability for all that extra goodie is very reasonably available.

So you can see, I've almost given away the world, and left very little still on offer for money to unmuzzle
this humble ox.

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