Create Scripture Links in Your Own Web Page:
     (Try the link above, to see what a "Scripture Link" does).

1. You know that folder up on your web server, where you keep all your web-page
     documents that you want to put scripture-links into?

     You'll need to create a sub-folder of that folder, called "kjv" (use all small letters).

2. Click Here and download this zip file.

3. Upload the contents of that zip file to your new "kjv" sub-folder on your web site.

4. Open one of your HTML Web Page Documents in WordPad (or your favorite text editor).
     (it should show the html code of your web document, not the browser appearance of it).

5. Highlight (paint "blue" with mouse) the text in your Web Page you want to make into a link.

6. Copy (ALT-C) highlighted portion of text (Hold ALT key while you hit the "C" key).

7. "Tab-Over" (Hold ALT key while hitting the TAB key) to this page, and click here,
     and then follow the instructions you will find.