Is your church one that doubles?
It depends on a few factors:

* How well known are you already?
   This outreach gets the word out that your church exists.
   If everybody already knows you, they know you exist.
   But they'll appreciate your giving them a precious gift.

* How huge is your church already?
   If most everybody in your neighborhood already goes,
   there's less new people invited... but you can get the
   gospel out and create excellent good will for the church.

* How much time can your church invest?
   What you get out of it depends upon what you put into it.
   The more area you cover, the more people you can invite.

* How pleasant can you be to your neighbors?
   You are filled overflowing with the love of Christ.
   Don't be nervous, and just love them. It will show.

So in a nutshell, the smaller and less well-known you are,
it works even better for you... and if you are really struggling,
your church has the best odds of doubling within months!

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