This is not about money.  Jesus wants your attention. 
                        ( a personal note from the builder of this Outreach ) 

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          Your Church can grow.  (Some could even double)   
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Hi Pastor.

Here's a way we could greatly expand our church within months.
The key is going door to door... but NOT in the old ways.

Some groups offer "free" magazines and make us pay for it by sitting
through a speech, or confront us with a survey designed to convert us.

We don't do that.  We DO give them a great gift of considerable value,
along with a sheet about our church, with a gospel message on the back.

Then we ask if they have any questions or prayer requests... and we leave!

Our visit is a breath of fresh air... all give, no take.

Here's what it's like to answer the door to us...
 (please see):
 ( For a quick briefing, see )

    (Did I mention it's FREE to our church?)

Even if "our mileage may vary", didn't Jesus ask us to get the Word out?
Have you ever been invited? Our neighbors are drawn closer by God's love.

This looks like an easy and powerful way to fulfill the Great Commission.
Let's pray about doing this as a church.